In Proverbs chapter four and verse twenty-three it says, “Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues  of life.” Without mincing words or tip toeing around the topic, if you were wondering where all our battles lay…it’s right HERE! All of our problems originate and are birthed in our hearts. Jeremiah says that our hearts are deceitful above ALL things, and desperately wicked and when Jeremiah said ‘ALL’ he meant ALL. So the next question may be ‘what’s outside all’? NOTHING is outside of ALL. The Apostle Paul said his fight was not with anything outside of himself and he wasn’t fighting as one that beateth against the air, but he had to fight to keep his body under subjection.  The battlefield was IN him not outside of him.


Now when the scripture talks about the heart, it is not talking about that fist size muscle that is beating in the middle of your chest, but it is talking about your emotions. Our hurts, our pains, our ups and our downs are produced from the abundance of our hearts and out of all these emotions flow the issues of our lives. If we would be honest with ourselves, we should be able to easily admit how deceitful our emotions truly are to us. Our emotions produce crazy thoughts of imaginations which paint pictures of the world around us with a wide brush. These emotions are the birthing ground to the myriad of feelings we are in a constant touch with on a daily basis. From hate to love, from sad to happy, or from fear to faith we are continually inundated with this pendulum of feelings. One minute we are on top of the mountain and the next minute we are way down in the valley low. One minute we are highly motivated to workout the next minute we are struggling to get out of the bed. One minute we feel like we can run a marathon the next minute we feel like a mile is marathon.

THIS is where our fight is! Our deceiving hearts are the problem. Our hearts are where the battles must be fought and our hearts are where the battles must be won. Let me make it perfectly clear, the 365 day challenge will be won or lost right HERE! If you are losing the battle, quit blaming it on your circumstances or situations of life. The battle was lost in your deceptive heart. If you have fallen off the 365 day challenge wagon, it wasn’t a bump in the road that caused you to fall off, but it was a deceiving heart that has pumped out feelings of vain imaginations.  It’s these crazy emotions that take us captive at their will and if we are not careful we can become their prisoners. When a flood of these feelings come upon us they begin to enrapture and entice us with their fascinations.  And then before too long, these emotions build high walls and become impregnable strongholds to overcome.


But don’t be dismayed. There is HOPE and there is a way OUT! But the victory will not come through docile means of wishing it will change. YOU must be wiling to FIGHT. YOU must be willing to go on the offensive. YOU must be willing to get your ‘hands’ dirty as you begin to move against the strongholds of your mind. It can’t be a half effort or an effort laced with fear, but there must be a full frontal assault against the imaginations of your heart. The scripture admonishes us to… ‘CAST DOWN IMAGINATIONS’ and to bring EVERY THOUGHT into the obedience of Christ. This my friend is where the proverbial ‘rubber meets the road’. The battlefield is in our minds. That place where all the tumultuous emotions and feelings are first created and if we can beat them when they are little, they will never get big enough to take us as their prisoners!