There is a place of floundering that I like to call ‘no man’s land’. This is a moment in life when everything seems to become one big grey area. It’s not that you are falling backward nor are you not doing anything at all, but it is a place of indecision. This is one of those middle of road kind of moments in your life where you know you have to make a decision but you know when you make the decision, there is no turning back.

I write about this ‘no man’s land’ because this is where I feel I am right now. Albert Einstein said, “If you want a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or objects.” In my life, I have learned the importance of setting goals. Having goals always produces an attitude of moving forward. Of course your MAIN goal is to discover what your overall aim or desire is in life. It’s the age old answer to the question. “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Once you can get a somewhat clear grip upon that answer, then you begin to create smaller goals which will then help move you forward toward this goal. For example, about twenty years ago I was tired of being overweight and getting sick (overall goal). So I decided to commit to eating better and exercising (smaller goals that would move me toward my overall goal). These smaller goals moved me from taking twenty-two different supplements a day to more of a plant based diet using juicing and smoothies as a help with my nutrition. My forward motion in exercising moved me from a treadmill to outdoors. From outdoor marathon races to obstacle course races to…well…this ‘no man’s land’ moment I am experiencing now.

For me, at least where I am in my life right now, in order to move forward, I have to set a goal which will not only challenge my status quo lifestyle but also bring some growth with it, and by growth I mean some kind of intrinsic learning of myself. A deeper understanding of my strengths and my weaknesses. Joe Vitale said, “A goal should scare you a little, and excite you a lot.” So obviously at this point in my life a 5K will not scare me, challenge me, nor change me. I haven’t trained for a marathon in awhile but I have trained and completed twelve marathons thus far in my life. So the challenge would be there but it would probably lack the excitement needed when one commits to training for a marathon.

There is a challenge I have always wanted to attempt that is both scary and very exciting, but I also know once I commit to it, life as I know it will change. No more grey. No more wallowing. No more excuses. No more slacking. Once I commit to this challenge, no man’s land will quickly fade into my rear view mirror.

Some of you may be wondering, “So what is this new challenge you have in mind.” But I am purposely not declaring it on this blog as of yet, because if I do, then this in itself (at least to me) is the beginning of a commitment. I do not want to ‘test’ the waters to see how others feel or what others think I should do, but when I commit I want my commitment to be pure and of my own accord.

So…here I sit in this grey and gloomy no man’s land.