By now, most of you have found out how challenging this challenge can be. There are many keys to being able to keeping the challenge alive in your life. From staying motivated to keeping your vision, the keys to keeping your footing in this challenge or any challenge for that matter, are many. There are manifold temptations which can easily pull you away from your goals and it can become difficult to maintain the momentum you first had when you first started. I have written and probably will continue to write about many of the keys which will help us to continue to stay in the challenge. Principles like preparation, motivation, taking small steps and other principles are very important in order to keep yourself moving forward, but there is one key that is the keeper of all the keys. When this key principle is implemented then all the other key principles will almost automatically engage themselves into your new lifestyle. The keeper of the keys is CONSISTENCY.

What then is consistency? Well, consistency is a ‘sticktoitiveness’ to the goal at hand.  Consistency is the conformity in application of something. When you are consistent, your actions do not vary, but you become predictable. Consistency is truly a double edged sword. Without consistency our lives would become chaotic and unpredictable, so we must create a certain order in our lives to function on a daily basis. This is both good and bad. For it is consistency which helps us to create our good habits, but it is also consistency that helps to create those habitual strongholds which have held us captive. So the key to breaking the hold of our old consistencies we must implement a new plan of attack and no matter how we feel, we must remain CONSISTENT to that plan.

So whatever you may plan, consistency to stick to your plan is the key to success. If my plan included getting out of bed earlier every morning so I could get my exercise done, then my exercise depends upon my consistency of getting out of bed. The moment I don’t get out of bed is usually the moment my plan collapses. When my plan collapses most every other principle goes out the window with it. When I don’t use the key of consistency every other door is slammed in my face. The door of motivation becomes locked. The door of enthusiasm becomes locked. The door of encouragement becomes locked. It is consistency which helps to unlock these doors which in turn helps me to SEE beyond the moment and move forward into the future!

Just remember the definition of insanity is doing the same behavior over and over again but expecting different results. So it seems as though we are either consistently keeping the key of deliverance on lockdown or we can use the same key to open up the floodgates to a life well lived. In a nutshell, our consistent behavior is either working to kill us or it is working to break us free from the insanity. The question then is which door are you putting your key into today?