In John 10:10 the Lord said, “The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.” When a thief breaks into your home, he doesn’t come in with horns blaring, but he comes in as silently and subtly as possible. He also doesn’t come in to steal your dirty underwear, but he comes in to take your valuables; those things that are most precious to you. What is more valuable than life itself?


How often have we dreamed of winning the lottery so all of our wishes and wants could be fulfilled. So many times we have been led to believe that an abundant life can be found in the abundance of things. The world is quick to offer its ideas on what an abundant life is or should be. Advertisers bombard our minds with pictures of fast cars, fast women, and a fast lifestyle all wrapped up in a cocoon of material possessions. An abundant life, they say, can only be found in all the glittery possessions. And if all you have is not enough, don’t worry, just go buy some more.It’s easy to get caught up in this comfort zone mentality of more is better. Although the idea of ‘more is better’ can be a comforting thought, the pursuit of this kind of lifestyle can leave you far from the shores of an abundant life.


If an abundant life is defined as having large quantities or plentiful then we must ask ourselves the question; large quantities of what? If the truth would be or could be known, the abundance of ‘things’ will blind you from an abundant life. They become the obstacles to seeing the value of the simplicity of life itself. Having more material possessions never frees you but many times in the end, they bind you down. Many people’s best years are burned out in the battle to ‘keep up with the Jones”. The pursuit of them causes your love to waver between God and man, and like a pendulum the emotions of the pursuit sway you back and forth from one extreme to another. As the cliché goes, ‘a man will lose his health in pursuit of wealth and later on in life, he will lose his wealth in pursuit of his health.’ You see, after chasing the abundance of natural things, you begin to lose the abundance of life itself.


When the Lord said He came that we may have life and life more abundantly, I believe He was talking about a life that had a proper balance concerning the things of this world. Rather than becoming servants to our possessions, our possessions should become our servants. If you have learned anything during the last thirty-seven days of our 365 day challenge, you have no doubt learned how powerful the pull of this world has upon your desire to break its hold upon your life. The ‘rat race’ continually contends to make us it’s servants while creating huge and seemingly insurmountable obstacles. In our quest to achieve the world’s definition of an abundant life, bills, money, prestige, status and power become life sucking obstacles, thereby blinding us from a truly abundant life of peace, joy, health, and happiness. Let me make this clear, to have material things is not bad. But when your life, which is your most precious commodity, is spent in the hunt of more and more possessions, and each day unfolds into a race to get more, then something is wrong. There is no abundant life in a life lived like this.


Truly, in the beginning of the year, this was one of the reasons people started this journey with us. Because deep down they know their life is missing something and this something is the ABUNDANCE of life! One of my goals for this challenge is not only to recapture and restore some quality back into our lives but also to get us to SEE the deception the world has used to define a good life. So as we move forward in our challenge, don’t be deceived by the world’s ways. Our goal is right and our goal is noble. Stay the course and find the balance of a truly abundant life!


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