It is just in our nature. It’s just a part of who we are as humans. No one lives outside the realm of its clutches, because it is just who we are. What is ‘it’? Well, ‘it’ is that thing within us that always wants something for nothing. We want all the great things of life to fall into our lap without a fight. It’s just in us. We don’t want to work for anything. It’s definitely apart of this ‘the millennial’ generation, but if we would be honest with ourselves, ‘it’s’ in us too. We want everything to come our way as easily as possible. We want the crown without the cross. We want the glory without HIS presence. We want all the knowledge without the struggle. But life doesn’t work that way and if we will take the opportunity to look at our fight through the lenses of understanding, then we can truly grow.


How many of us have said, “If I had known then what I know now”? I know I have said this countless time. Yet, all of our knowledge was gained in the fight. Without the fight there would be no NOW. Without the fight there would have been no knowledge gained. The fight has taught us and in the struggle came the growth, and in the growth came the knowledge. You see, our experiences gained in the fight is where our true growth was gained. No fight, no growth. It’s just as simple as that. It is only IN THE FIGHT were we gain the most valuable knowledge of who we truly are. It has been said it is in adversity where we meet ourselves. It is not on the mountain top of sunshine and happy smiles where we find out who we are, but deep in the trenches of struggle where we find out what we are made of. This is where our true self can be found. It is only then we can arise out of the quagmire of despair with more power and hope than when we first went into the valley of darkness.


The scripture says in Romans, we glory in tribulation for tribulation works patience. How can one glory in tribulation? It’s because this is where we learn of our weakness. In our troubles we learn of our inadequacies and our needs. The Apostle Paul said, “For my strength is made perfect in weakness”.  How can this be? Because it is only in the fight where you find your weakness and then in your weakness you gain the experience you need to win the fight. So in a catch 22 kind of way, experience kills off the weaknesses. The fight causes you to grow up. The experience you gain in the fight helps to redefine what you thought you already knew. You go into the fight one way, but you come out a completely different way. In the fight you gain valuable experience that will forever give you future hope. When you win the battle over sickness, you gain an experience of hope of the possibility of future sickness. Now you can say what you couldn’t say before. “I’ve been sick before but I made it.” When someone slanders you and you come through their demeaning slights, alive and well. Now you can say something you couldn’t say before, “I’ve been slandered but I made it.” When you have had no money and all the bills are overdue, and you live through it. Now you can say something you could never say before, “I have been broke but I made it.” In the fight is where the value of experience allows you to rise up and say things you could have never said before! “I have been hurt but I made it.” “I have been rejected but I made it.” The FIGHT gives you a resume of experiences.


Here we are at day thirty-three of this 365 day challenge and it is a FIGHT. It’s a fight to maintain our commitment. It’s a fight to keep our word. It’s a fight to change our bad habits. It’s a fight to add new ways to old lifestyles. It’s a fight to keep thinking right when it everything doesn’t feel right. It’s a fight to just keep on fighting. BUT don’t ever forget the VALUE lies in the fight. On the other end of the fight, there will be an experience gained that supersedes anything you felt the fight was doing to you in that moment of time. Once you gain the value that can only be found IN THE FIGHT is the moment when you will be able to look back and say, “I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything in the world”!


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