Well it’s Monday and I woke up this morning not very feeling very motivated at all. All I can say is this…’life happens’. Like the rising and falling of the ocean tides, the ups and downs of life are a natural occurrence. I think so many times our perspective about life has been so polluted by Hollywood and even more so now by social media. We are continually inundated with pictures of people living a ‘high on the mountain top’ lifestyle. They seem victorious all the time. Nothing bad ever happens in their lives. We sit back and absorb all these images and we begin to believe life is supposed to always be on a high. Bad things and bad days only happen to bad people.

So today I want to make this statement known to all…life happens. Sometimes you wake up happy, sometimes you don’t. Sometimes you feel motivated and sometimes you don’t feel so motivated. Sometimes I feel like I can run a marathon and then there are days when it feels like running a mile is a marathon. The important thing to understand is that feelings like these are natural feelings. Such are the natural ‘ebbs and flows’ of life. Life happens. Nobody, and I mean nobody, no matter how dynamic and positive their Facebook posts seem to show, nobody is on a continual high!

This is why we cannot allow ourselves to live according to how we feel. Just because you don’t feel motivated doesn’t mean your life is on the brink of disaster and vice versa, just because you arise feeling like you have conquered the highest mountain, doesn’t mean there will never be anymore problems to endure. Life happens. Good days and bad days happen and just because you have a bad day doesn’t mean you have a bad life. But I do know this, believe it or not, what I do with and on the ‘bad’ days is far more important than what I do on the ‘good’ days. When I take on the low ebbs in my life and keep them in a right perspective, there is birthed a greater power and strength that I am able to tap into for future use. Truly, in the long run, the lows help to make the highs a little bit higher! So don’t get discouraged when the lulls of life happen, because when you think about it…life happens!

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