Over the past few months I have witnessed my daughter growing leaps and bounds. Well, I can’t say I have actually ‘seen’ her growing, I mean I have and I haven’t. It’s not like I have sat around and watched her growing, but I know this, she has grown. She has definitely reached the age where she is having some ‘growth spurts’. If you have any connection with children, you will know what I am talking about. It seems like they go to bed one size and wake up the next morning and they are two inches taller. ‘Suddenly’, their shoes don’t fit, their underwear is too small, and they have a voracious appetite like a wolf! But these things are not abnormal, they are normal for a young lady who is growing up. James Cash Penney (the founder of JC Penney) said this, “Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.” My daughter’s growth spurts are a result of a myriad of vibrant and energizing forces taking place within her body and the results of these forces can be readily seen on the outside.

Such should be the case for all of us. As we come to the close of this fourth week of our challenge, there should be some recognizable ‘growth spurts’ showing up in our lives. The scripture says that ‘old things are passed away and all things become new.’ Some of our old habits should be losing their power over us as the new habits of change and growth are beginning to take their place. Old ways of thinking are now being over powered by new thought patterns of victorious living. In short, the foundations of our strongholds are beginning to crack and shake under the sledgehammer of forward progress and action. Let’s be clear, we are talking about ‘growth spurts’ in the right direction. All growth is not equal for growth for the sake of growth alone is like saying it’s good to see the cancer tumor has gotten bigger. NO! The growth we are looking for is a shrinkage in the disease and an enlargement of the treatment. The slow methodical death of the bad and the concentrated succession of the good. As we so often say at the beginning of the new year, ‘Out with bad, in with the good!’

One thing concerning my daughter is for sure, though her growth looks like it happened overnight, the mechanics of her growth was not revealed in the spotlight of communal living, but more so in the darkness of the unseen. Inscribed within her very biological code is the blueprint for growth. What was at one time hidden is now being exposed for all to see. Although the ‘growth spurts’ can clearly be seen they were forged in the darkness of her metabolism. Such should be the same with our own growth spurts of this challenge. Though we have not yet obtained the complete growth we had originally set out to obtain, there are forces deep within us which are working to create the true persons we desire to be. So do not be dismayed when you look in the mirror and don’t see the changes you have longed to see. Rest assured, the changes are happening. They may not be overwhelmingly visible by sight, but in a subtle way, the growth is written upon the DNA of your efforts. Day by day, growth spurt after growth spurt, we will incrementally evolve into the being we are vying to become!