So many people come to me and they want to know how to get started. They want to know what is the first step to changing their lifestyles. Over the years I have learned many principles concerning these kinds of changes. Let me be perfectly clear with you. Most of the changes you need to make are NOT major changes but they are small incremental changes. So many times we get caught up in the thoughts of ‘how am I going to take out this Goliath?’, when in reality it’s all the little things you have to change before you can even confront the problem. The scripture says it’s ‘the little foxes’ that spoil the vine. We get so overwhelmed by the whole picture that we forget our victory lies in the little things we do day in and day out. Our victories or defeats lay within our daily rituals. David’s victory over Goliath was birthed in all of those ‘boring’ routines he did on a daily basis. While tending to his daddy’s sheep he was up early and out late. Every moment he had while out in the field he was practicing with his sling shot. As he sat under the hot sun of the fields he was studying the animals. He learned how to protect his daddy’s sheep. David’s daily rituals were preparing him to meet his future Goliath. 

The Navy Seals have a true saying. “We don’t rise to the level of our expectations but we fall to the level of our training.” We may commit to a new year’s resolution, but if our daily rituals remain the same then it is a good possibility that we will fall into the statistics of those who never fulfill their resolution. If you want to meet your goal, you have to start with the small stuff. You can no longer shrug off the little things because the little things mean everything. From turning off the snooze button to buying the right foods at the grocery store to put in your cupboards. 

You may not think they are a big deal, but I challenge you to step up and try to change them. The moment you decide to do something great you will find yourself failing in the little. Why? Because we are creatures of habit. Samuel Johnson said, “The chains of habit are too weak to be felt until they are too strong to be broken.” As I have told my students for many years. You have to watch your thoughts because they become your words. Watch your words because they become your actions. Watch your actions because they become your habits. Watch your habits because they become your character and your character becomes your destiny. And where did all this chain of events start? It all started in the little things! It’s those little thoughts. Those little foxes that root up in our minds. Then like a domino effect, those little thoughts you don’t think are important begin a sequential attachment to a myriad of emotions and slowly but surely we begin to manifest it in our lifestyles. 

So one of the first steps toward your victory and by your victory I mean toward meeting your goal, you must be willing to examine your daily rituals. What is the FIRST thing you do in the morning? Are you sleeping in to long? Are you staying in bed longer than necessary? Are you a people pleaser? Do you drop what’s important for you to do in order to be accepted? What’s the first thing you do in the morning? Do you grab your phone? Do you get on social media? How long do you play on your phone? How much time do you really waste in a day? What is the first thing you eat in the morning? Are your friends more helpful when you desire to meet a goal or do they hinder you from meeting your goals. I am sure there are many more questions you can ask yourself when it comes to your daily rituals. But if you truly want to see your Goliath fall, you have to ask yourself the tough questions and not just ask them, but after you have asked them, then you have to answer them. Your answers to those questions will determine your actions! And that my friend is just another blog along the journey of thousand miles!