It has been said that the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step! Well today is THAT first step. Three hundred sixty-five days of running at least one mile and drinking at least one juice a day. I believe one of the greatest battles we face is the fact that we are creatures of habit. The moment I woke up this morning my mind immediately went into creature comfort mode. Can you believe that I, the creator of the 365 Day Challenge, said to himself these words…’maybe I will just start the challenge tomorrow!’ Then once I began to entertain that thought all kinds of other thoughts began to attach themselves to this thought. Next thing I know I have a myriad of inner voices battling to be heard. All of them fighting to NOT start the challenge. One voice even reminded me about the three strikes and your out rule that I engrafted into the challenge. I mean come on. Think about it. I was already talking myself into taking a mulligan day on DAY ONE! Geez…it’s already been quite a battle but you know what? I refuse to let those voices win! It won’t be long and you will see my next post with the first day of this challenge comfortably under my feet! Let’s go! Don’t let the voices of comfort and habit defeat you!

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