This is MY 365 day challenge to myself!
To run at least one mile a day and drink at least one fresh juice / smoothie a day for 365 days.
One mile run rules are simple…
As long as I start the run by 11:59:59 of that day, but my run goes into the next day, the run counts on the day that I started the run in.
Because of who I am and my history of being an avid runner, my mile must be at least an 8 minute mile or better. (of course because of who I am, my mileage will generally be more than a mile. The real challenge will be on the days when I am not training or don’t feel like running when I am in need of a rest day.)
Exceptions to the rule is if I am doing some kind of a cross fit workout that calls for a mixture of running and/or fitness work. For instance, the workout may consist of doing hill work or carrying sand bags, of which, there is no way I can safely run an 8 minute mile.
One juice/smoothie a day rules…
Make and drink at least one fresh juice or smoothie a day.
Exceptions to this rule would be the possibility of having to drink a bottled juice or smoothie. Fresh made is preferred but an bottle of organic juice or smoothie would still fulfill my obligation. (of course I can drink more than one a day)
Since life is and can be ‘crazy’ and anything can happen on any given day. I am going to allow myself three (3) mulligans (passes) for the entire year. This will allow me a little flexibility and not feel like I have lost the challenge because of any situations that may arise that cause me to miss a day!
Some may be thinking…this is easy for you but think again. I have NEVER run a mile day or drank a juice/smoothie a day for 365 days straight! I have always wanted to see what kind of issues would arise in endeavoring to hold to a year long challenge. I am no different than all of you. I have a family, a job, bills to pay, and as a minister and principal/high school teacher of our school, I have countless other responsibilities. So my life is just as ‘crazy’ and hectic as the normal Joe’s. I have always believed if I can do some of things I have done, then YOU can also accomplish them too!
After serving the Lord and being faithful for close to thirty-one years and maintaining a consistent lifestyle of exercise, running, and eating relatively healthy, I have come to the conclusion that I just enjoy helping, inspiring, and motivating other people to get the best out of their lives that God truly desires for them. I enjoy challenging myself in every aspect of my life. Spiritually, mentally, and physically, of which in the end, these three are all one.
This is what I (Lord willing) will bring every day to the table for YOU.
– Some people may think there is some hidden agenda. I promise you there is no hidden agenda. Those who know me, know that I thoroughly enjoy helping people better themselves.
– With this said, know that I cannot divorce myself from myself. I am going to be me. So if you don’t like post with scriptures attached to them or any type of religion, then this challenge is probably not for you. Jesus has always and will always been my inspiration and my training partner.
Although I take a few different supplements, I am not here to promote or push or sell any supplements. BUT if along the way, you desire to know what I do take, you are more than welcome to private message me and we can do that amongst ourselves.
Lord willing, along with Facebook and Instagram, I have a plans to launch a blog page which I will use as a place to educate, motivate, and inspire all those who want to follow along. I know, without a shadow of doubt, that I can help you. As a ordained minister of the gospel and the Apostle’s Doctrine, training for 12 marathons and finishing them, completing a 50 mile ultra marathon on my 50th birthday and a myriad of other races and challenges, I KNOW what I bring to the table and I know what it takes to get the job done!
Now your job is to figure out where YOU fit into this challenge. I thought the uniqueness of this challenge was it was going to last all year long. This means you can join with me right away on January 1, 2018 or you can figure out what you want to do and then join in on a later date. You just have to figure out what you want do and how you want to challenge yourself. It could be some form of exercise for 30, 60, 90 days and/or an added health move to your lifestyle. You have to be honest with yourself and craft a challenge that really challenges YOU! But I will say this. Don’t go crazy and create some overwhelming challenge like run a marathon when you haven’t been off the couch in years. Let’s start with a mile and work our way up!
I hope and pray this challenge will be a springboard unto better things in our lives. Better health and quality of life all the way around; naturally and spiritually.
Over the years many hear about my running and they walk up to me and say…ARE YOU INSANE? They think I am crazy for keeping my commitment to exercise but to me, ‘they’ are crazy. As the saying goes, ‘the proof is in the pudding’! I am 56 years old and I am not on any prescription drugs. The last time I took a motrin was way back in 2007 and that was also the last time I was sick to the point of having to be in bed. In all my thirty one years of service to the Lord, I have NEVER missed a church service because of sickness and I have NEVER missed a workday because of sickness. The Lord has surely been good to this ole boy and it is my desire to share His goodness and all the things He has taught me through the years. For what good is all this knowledge if I don’t share it with you! Let’s go! The 365 Day Challenge!
Eat Sane, Live Sane, Run Sane!!!